Experience Heavy Metal Diving

Dive the classic Mark 5!

This is your opportunity to try a dive in a classic Mark 5 hard hat and dress. Just like the Navy divers of old.

you will get 15 to 20 minutes in the water to get the feel for the equipment. During your dive there will be voice communications with the surface. There will be a pipe assembly project like the one in the movie Men of Honor to let you try your hand at working in the heavy gear. There will be a photographer in the water making pictures and videos of your dive. These will be sent to your email address at no additional charge.

This experience is open to any certified SCUBA diver who can meet the criteria below.

There are some unique aspects of the gear that must be addressed to give you a better understanding of what you will experience during the event.

The Mk V diving dress weighs about 150 to 170 pounds (depending on the weight belt) and to dive the gear you must be able to walk the three or four steps from the dressing stool to the stairs, down the stairs into the water and back up the stairs to the stool to be undressed.

The Mk V hard hat dive equipment is entered through the neck hole of the rubberized canvas suit. The dimension of this opening is the same on all the suits. The circumference is about 50 inches, If your chest or waist measurement is much larger than this dimension there is little or no possibility that you will get into the suit.

To wear the Mk V equipment the breast plate and the bonnet must be able to go over your head, if you or the staff thinks there could be a fit issue we will try the breast plate before you dress out and if the unit does not fit your money for the dive will be refunded.

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