Recreational Standard Dress Diver

Recreational Standard Dress – October 21 – October 25, 2024 – Vortex Spring, FL

The Recreational Standard Dress Diver classes at Vortex Spring are not commercial diver training. 

To participate in the course, you must be a certified SCUBA diver with at least 20 dives Any higher level is a great advantage, and Dry Suit Specialty the most helpful. 

The course is a bit of history, it includes a lot of the WHY things were done a century ago, 

We include training in the surface tender and supervisor positions. There is pre and post dive maintenance, and we have written a manual around all this.

We certify divers through the internationally accepted agency of Scuba Educators International which is the old YMCA Program. With the certification comes the red watch cap with the DESCO logo, a challenge coin, a copy of the manual, a DVD with the referenced material and last but not least the obligatory tee shirt.

The cost of the 4-to-5-day Recreational Standard Dress course is $1200. There is a day of class work, dry diving and line pull signal training in the comfort of the classroom. We cover the assembly of the gear and dressing the diver. There will be three to four days of diving with the goal of getting every student a total bottom time of 2 to 3 hours.